BLOCKCHERS: We are moving forward with you!

BETTERGY is currently participating in BLOCKCHERS  to get some of our innovative ideas into solution. Specifically we are using Blockchain/DLT Technology to offer secure and trustworthy photovoltaics investments in this area.

During the last years we have been promoting photovoltaic developments of different types, including Power Purchase Agreements (PPA), from the hand of our main investor Fundeen , check out these recent joint projects: TALAYUELA and CEMOSA

The program

The BLOCKCHERS project offers direct equity-free funding (up to €50,000) to cover the implementation of DLTs use cases with end-user SMEs on different sectors. In addition, the project offers the chance of accessing ALASTRIA , the first legally validated DLT network in Spain, backed-up by major corporations and the public administration, among other learning resources.

Logo de blockchers aquí y de BlockPV

Impact of the proposed project

The proposed BLOCKCHERS project in intended to fill up a gap in the management of photovoltaic projects adding value in different ways. It offers a reliable way to manage prices and clauses from PPA contracts, so no need for intermediaries. Also, the decentralization of the management of invoices, by mean of the Smart contracts (programming logics) allows to control trustfully the violation of the current PPA clauses along the duration of the contract.

As cannot be otherwise, Fundeen is also accompanying us during this innovation adventure, as an end-user committed to validate the developed solution. Because of your commitment and demand, we are sure that you will help us achieve a high-quality product.

Going from the idea to implementation

We are now in the second stage called IMPLEMENTATEION PHASE, that will last up to the end of 2020.

We are very enthusiasts and committed to the result!

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