Our I4MS-SAE label!

Our Application Experiment has received the I4MS-SAE Label, recognising its excellent implementation, high potential for further deployment and innovative aspect.


This project aims to promote low energy consumption industries by powering our energy efficiency intelligence software platform with REMONI’s computing sensors network, providing ultra-low energy clamp-on IoT sensors tight controlled by cloud AI. 

Thereby we achieve high performance energy management with easy installation and low cost. 


EnergySequence is an energy efficiency web intelligence platform delivering datadriven energy conservation measures for the industry sector, ReMoni’s smart sensors will power up real time performance by customizing its edge computing capabilities, and extend deployment features through an ad-hoc wireless sensor network for heat, electricity and flow, with energy harvesting capabilities.


Bettergy is a cleantech startup servicing the Industry with actionable information forenergy savings. Our cloud platorm data driven services leverage energy data through AI and Big Data algorithms.

ReMoni core business is focused on developing high-tech easy to install/maintain sensors for power, flow, heating and cooling. 


Bettergy’s team of energy efficiency engineers have a large experience delivering on site energy audits.

Nuestro equipo de software está compuesto por 5 personas, de las cuales 2 son investigadores experimentados (Phd) en el dominio de la energía.



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