90 kW Photovoltaic Solar Installation -CEMOSA

Bettergy has been commissioned to carry out the installation of Photovoltaic Solar Energy Self-Generation for CEMOSA.

Based on the data and indications received, the roof of the main building and the adjoining warehouses have been selected for the installation of the project. On this roof, a solar photovoltaic installation with a fixed structure is proposed, ideal to provide competitiveness and profitability in energy production for self-consumption.

This installation will consist of 292 photovoltaic modules of monocrystalline silicon cells, Trina Solar brand, model TALLMAX 345, with a maximum unit power of 345 Wp. The generation will be produced by connecting the modules to 2 inverters (50 kW and 40 kW). In the 40 kW inverter, 8 strings of 19 modules will be connected to four points of maximum power, while in the 50 kW inverter, 2 strings of 18 modules will be connected to one point of maximum power, 4 strings of 11 modules to two points of maximum power, and 4 strings of 15 modules to 2 points of maximum power.

What advantages will the Photovoltaic Installation have for the Club?

-Partial change in CEMOSA’s energy source towards a renewable, sustainable and environmentally friendly energy.

-Savings, from the moment of installation, in the electricity bill and control over the electrical performance of the installation.

Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere, limiting the carbon footprint.

Reinforcement of CEMOSA’s image, with a visible and innovative performance in the region, differentiating itself as an entity committed to sustainable development and climate change.

Based on the information received regarding current energy consumption, Bettergy has made the general design of the photovoltaic plant and the costs of implementing the project, with the supply of equipment and its installation in “Turnkey” format.

This project has the following savings data:

  • Annual Production: 135 kWh/year
  • CO₂ Reduction: 58.59 t/year
  • Solar Radiation Level: 716 kWh/kWp.

If you want to know more details about the photovoltaic installation or charging points, at Bettergy we can help you on 952 025 789 or by mail at

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