Bettergy and the School of Energy

Naturgy, sensitive to the problems of today’s society, has been working since 2014 to combat a social reality that affects a wider group of society every day: energy poverty. The School of Energy is a project of the Naturgy Foundation, framed within the Energy Vulnerability Plan.

The School provides training to professionals from the social services of public administrations, to professionals and volunteers of NGOs and to vulnerable individuals and families.

Through traveling sessions, issues related to energy efficiency or invoice optimization are addressed, among others, with the aim of minimizing the impact of the energy cost in life the most vulnerable people.

What do we do in Bettergy?

We are performing the provision of advisory services, as specialized trainers, with all our experience and knowledge on management and energy efficiency for the School of Energy. We contribute all our knowledge, with the participation of our great team, all of them experts in the energy sector and totally committed to this social cause.

Therefore, in Bettergy we believe that a change in the current energy model is necessary, and for this reason we join this initiative of the Naturgy Foundation, aware that it is a necessary task for our society, if we all understand our invoices, how it works the energy market and how this energy reaches our homes, we will understand its management, and we will learn to save that energy and be more efficient with its use, with which we will all be contributing our grain of sand to help the environment, and ultimately to the people, making this world a better place.

The next dates and places where we will be present are:

  • 23/10 Sanlúcar de Barrameda (Cádiz)
  • 25/10 Villamanrique de la Condesa (Seville)
  • 09/11 Fuengirola & Bailén – Miraflores (Málaga)
  • 13/11 Mairena del Alcor (Seville)
  • 14/11 Tocina (Seville)
  • 16/11 Bailén – Miraflores (Málaga)
  • 21/11 Tocina (Seville)
  • 23/11 Campanillas & Fuengirola (Málaga)
  • 30/11 Campanillas (Málaga)

If you want a comprehensive advice or need more information, please contact us: or call +34 952 025 789 (from 9:00 am to 2:30 pm and from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm)

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