Bettergy and the transformation of the energy sector.

Bettergy starts with a clear vision and is to transform the energy sector to efficiently manage the resources of our customers, innovating through the use of our energy data management platform, EnergySequence.

The cost of sequencing the human genome years ago was enormous, in particular, the Human Genome Project took 13 years to get the complete genome and cost 2,047 million euros in 2003. In recent years, this cost has been greatly reduced, being able today any of us, for just € 1,000, decipher our genome for the betterment of our lives.

Something similar happens in the energy sector, where instead of people, we work with buildings and industries. Technology, smart meters and artificial intelligence, together with the knowledge and experience of people, currently allow At a low cost, determine how to improve the consumption of our buildings and the welfare of the people who inhabit them, as well as reduce the impact on the planet.

The potential savings in industries and in the tertiary sector is double what we could save in the residential sector. It is therefore clear that this type of client is the one on whom this great opportunity lies “

The management of energy and water data and their treatment is the first step to be able to save. What is not measured can not be improved, and the only way to seriously address this opportunity is to make use of analytical tools that, using the massive deployment of smart meters, allow us to make better use of resources in our organizations.

For example, we work with one of the most important companies in the production of table olives worldwide, Aceitunas del Guadalquivir, with which through the use of our data analysis platform we have been able to identify savings worth 95,000 € only in measures that do not require any investment, equivalent to 204 Ton of CO2 or 755,718 Kwh, energy that would be equivalent to the consumption of a European to heat, feed, and move for 17 years.


Our energy data management platform, EnergySequence, not only offers large facilities and SMEs in the industrial and tertiary sector the opportunity to improve their costs and reduce their environmental impact, but it is a unique tool for energy marketers to improve their positioning before the clients and reduce their claims, becoming trustworthy companies.

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