Bettergy, one of the most “bright” european startups in Big Data.

The next 17 and 18 October 2018 Bettergy will participate in the Datathon in Berlin, organized by EDI
Here the 30 emerging companies in Big Data will compete.
But let’s go in parts, and dig a little deeper into this of the Big Data, the EDI and that is a Datathon.

What is the big data?

This term refers to a large amount of data, both structured and unstructured, that flood a company every day. The important thing here is how companies work with that data, as they can lead to the right decision making and strategic business actions.

Therefore, for us, the energy sector allows us to better know your audience, which entails a breakthrough that is reduced in terms of lowering the costs of purchasing energy in the wholesale market, simplifying the data obtained and speeding up automation.

In short, you can know how much energy a customer consumes, and then buy the energy they really need.

What is EDI?

European Data Incubator, is an incubation program that provides new Big Data companies with the real world challenges posed by companies across Europe.

What is the Datathon?

The EDI incubation process is divided into three progressive phases, in which only the best startups go on to the next level: Explore, Experiment, Evolve.

On October 17 and 18, the 30 new startups will travel to Berlin for the first phase of Exploration. Here they will participate in a data event, they will practice their launches, they will receive € 5000 (without capital) and they will be face to face with the companies. Finally, a jury will decide which 16 new companies will go to the next level of Experiment.

Bettergy and Big Data.

The latest digital trends also converge in the digital strategy of Bettergy, adopting new concepts as fundamental in our time as big data and predictive models, especially when we join leading technologies in the energy sector such as Telemanagement, smart grids and telemetry.

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Sources: ABC, Podo, SAS and EDI.

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