Bettergy “signed” for the debate table on digitization of energy efficiency in the congress of ESEs.

Good news!

We already have official confirmation of the celebration of the VI Congress of Energy Services (ESEs), which will take place in Valladolid during the next 2 and 3 October 2018.

And not only that! We have also been selected to participate in the debate on digitization in energy efficiency.

What is the ESES Congress?

It is the forum, in which for two days the focus of attention is only the energy services sector in Spain. After 5 highly acclaimed editions, it has consolidated itself as the great forum for discussion, promotion, and development of this sector.


The objective of this congress is to analyze the current state of the ESCO sector, and all the factors that condition them, in order to attract potential customers to this business model that already has a proven profitability.

To go into this matter, this new edition is marked by the clarification of Eurostat on the criterion of calculation of public investments in energy efficiency, as well as by the regulatory changes affecting the energy sector at national and European level.

Presence of Bettergy in VI ESEs

In addition, we are very proud, and it is an honor for us to be able to participate in the debate about digitization in energy efficiency, with the help of our beloved Antonio J. Ruiz, director of Bettergy and CEO of EnergySequence. The latter being our main contribution to the digitization of the energy efficiency sector since it is an area in which we are very committed and in which we constantly work to improve day by day.


Here we leave a link where you can see all the information about the Congress of ESEs as the organization, program, location … etc.

But I already advance it, we entered into play on October 2, 2018, at 18:00 hours.

Do not miss it!

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