Bettergy will contribute its experience in the management of public lighting in Barcelona

What does it consist of?

Since 2016, Barcelona City Council opted for a new centralized control service for street lighting. This control is based on monitoring and supervision through a platform in which all the aspects related to energy and maintenance are integrated.

From this year, 2018, this service will be managed by Letter Ingenieros, and we, Bettergy as successful bidders lending our classification by experience, in a renewable contract of 2 + 2 years, which is expected to be managing this service to the city of Barcelona until the year 2022.


Currently, the scope of the contract is made up of 2909 command centers, of which 60% are remote managed. A large part of the previous ones is interconnected through radio technology through 6 receivers, although we also find some managed from point to point.

In recent years, energy saving measures such as flow regulators and LED lamps with different levels have been implemented.


It is about trying to go a step further and adopt the urban lighting of the city today, optimizing energy consumption and improving the quality of public spaces, always taking into account the regulatory framework on energy efficiency.

At Bettergy, we bring our extensive experience in energy efficiency, so that the public lighting of Barcelona goes one step further in sustainable development in the management of its energy.

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