Disaggregation of energy consumption

Determination of the percentage value relative to each consumption group of the building or energy source.  The breakdown proposed by EnergySequence allows us to deal with these cases where we only have a loading curve or an invoice.

Analysis of consumption profiles

Characterize a seasonal segment, calculating a set of descriptors, including the consumption profile. This feature includes determining the patterns that characterize all consumption cycles of the given seasonal segment. From these, the upper and lower deviation (transparency interval) is determined,… [ + ]

Base Load Analysis

The system identifies the upper and lower consumption values in a seasonal segment, based on those significant maximum/minimum values defined as the peaks or valleys remaining after a process of mathematical smoothing. In addition, the system calculates the base load… [ + ]

Seasonal periodicity analysis

Using hierarchical grouping techniques or large changes in energy consumption over an interval and at the same time analyzing the seasonal belonging of consumption values to each group. Depending on the level, it could help the technician to distinguish between:… [ + ]

Analysis of the energy consumption cycle

Characterize the building’s energy consumption cycle from its load curve. It is simple for some commercial buildings, however, this time may vary for other types of buildings e. g. Industry where the load cycle can be days or months, and… [ + ]