Integration with external data sources

Capacity to import data from hubs and other sources to support system functionality. These sources include meteorological data, indexed daily energy prices, or equipment prices for various consumer groups.

Facilities portfolio management

The system displays all the buildings in a list, which can be filtered according to the main characteristics of the installations, and customized and filtered according to the most relevant energy indicators or information fields.

Clients Portfolio Management

Through the client portfolio manager, utilities will be able to access an overview of all customers from which to interact to filter and identify those with the greatest potential for energy savings.

Invoice Preparation

It consists of generating invoices from the monthly consumption curve. This allows us to contrast the bill we receive from the electricity and identify inconsistencies or validate that there has not been an error, which gives us greater security in… [ + ]

Customer segmentation

It consists of grouping customers according to their energy consumption, depending on the number of points and the customer profile, but also considering the potential for savings. Unlike other EnergySequence systems, it takes into account operational-type savings identified through a… [ + ]