Share energy performance of facilities among users

Users may choose to selectively share building energy data with other users either from their own organization or from other organizations on a selective basis and restrict those data that compromise their privacy. The aim is to establish a competitive… [ + ]

Virtual Energy Audit (VEA)

Capabilities to analyze the building’s performance with a minimum of information, such as an invoice or annual consumption curve, without the need for a face-to-face visit to the facilities. Based on this EnergySequence analysis, it disaggregates the different end-uses of… [ + ]


This functionality allows us to compare the energy performance of our installations against each other, and with similar installations of other companies. The goal is to determine which facility is having an atypical behavior and to work with focus on… [ + ]

Contract power optimization

It consists of the simulation of contracts for the optimisation of the energy contract in terms of power output. In other words, it allows you to adjust the contracted power to the real values of your consumption. Electrical contracts are… [ + ]

Calculation of the Energy Performance Index (EScore)

It is a quantitative value that provides information on the energy performance of a building.  EnergySequence proposes a multi-criteria decision method to calculate an energy performance index independent of the type of client. It consists of the weighting of the… [ + ]


Bettergy helps Enel’s large and public clients to support their value-added services. Starting from the consumption data, it offers its data management platform to optimize consumption, reduce the time and cost of analysis, and improve customer satisfaction with its energy… [ + ]