Internationalization plan: Direct commercial mission Colombia and Peru.

The Chamber of Commerce of Spain, the Chamber of Malaga and the European Union with the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), collaborate in the Xpande Program, which is a program of individualized support to companies that aims to support the… [ + ]

Why should the latest technologies take control of climate change?

Christina Figueres, former head of climate change at the UN, challenges the titans of the latest technologies to take charge of climate change. Currently, it is uncertain whether these companies will increase or reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It is important… [ + ]

edificios 100% autosuficientes energéticamente

In two years, buildings 100% energy self-sufficient will be mandatory

The concept of 100% energy self-sufficient buildings and almost zero energy consumption building, defined and developed in the energy efficiency directives of buildings in 2010 and 2018, will determine the trends of the real estate market throughout Europe. The new… [ + ]

How digitization improves the energy efficiency of buildings.

The sectors of infrastructure and buildings consume up to 70% of the world’s energy. Given the need to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, companies have begun to place sustainable practices at the center of their strategies. Digitization, which… [ + ]


How to save energy with analytics in Big Data?

With an advanced data analytics, it is possible to make an estimated calculation of the energy expenditure that is really needed and, the application of the technology allows to increase the efficiency in the use of energy. Thanks to descriptive… [ + ]

Madrid will subsidize the IBI to all the buildings that install solar panels.

In relation to the recent regulations that eliminate the “sun tax” in Spain, together with the incipient energy transition in the face of the current alarming situation in global warming and sustainable development, there is an “acceleration” in the development… [ + ]


Digitization in the energy sector: Blockchain

Digitization in the energy sector is the way forward in the coming years. Every time we see more new digital technologies applied to this sector such as Big Data, IA, Blockchain … etc. In this post today we are going… [ + ]

punto de recarga

Law of the Electric Sector: Charging point for electric vehicle.

After the approval of the Royal Decree that seeks to alleviate the increases in the price of electricity and eliminate the figure of the cargo manager, contemplated in the Electricity Sector Law, which obliged any entity that wanted to sell… [ + ]

The IEA warns of a reduction in global energy efficiency.

As every year, the International Energy Agency (IEA, for its acronym in English), has prepared the Energy Efficiency report, where they perform an analysis of the global energy efficiency landscape. For the IEA, there has been a relaxation in energy… [ + ]

empresas eléctricas

The electricity companies sector

The sector of the electric companies continues being a traditional sector in what to the small marketers it treats, and innovative but slow as far as the big companies. In any case, some of them meet the same pattern, and… [ + ]

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