Digitization in the energy sector: Blockchain

Digitization in the energy sector is the way forward in the coming years. Every time we see more new digital technologies applied to this sector such as Big Data, IA, Blockchain … etc. In this post today we are going… [ + ]

punto de recarga

Law of the Electric Sector: Charging point for electric vehicle.

After the approval of the Royal Decree that seeks to alleviate the increases in the price of electricity and eliminate the figure of the cargo manager, contemplated in the Electricity Sector Law, which obliged any entity that wanted to sell… [ + ]

The IEA warns of a reduction in global energy efficiency.

As every year, the International Energy Agency (IEA, for its acronym in English), has prepared the Energy Efficiency report, where they perform an analysis of the global energy efficiency landscape. For the IEA, there has been a relaxation in energy… [ + ]

escuela de energía

Bettergy and the School of Energy

Naturgy, sensitive to the problems of today’s society, has been working since 2014 to combat a social reality that affects a wider group of society every day: energy poverty. The School of Energy is a project of the Naturgy Foundation,… [ + ]

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The electricity companies sector

The sector of the electric companies continues being a traditional sector in what to the small marketers it treats, and innovative but slow as far as the big companies. In any case, some of them meet the same pattern, and… [ + ]

What is Energy Efficiency and what is its importance?

What is energy efficiency? In its most basic definition, Energy Efficiency is about the efficient use of energy, does it seem evident, no? Well wait, let us tell you a little more. Every day increases the production of all kinds… [ + ]

resiliencia urbana

Urban Resilience, the road to Smart Cities

For the cities of the future to be smart, urban resilience must first be achieved. Cities, and more importantly citizens, must be prepared for changes so that the quality of life is not impaired. But, let’s go in parts. First,… [ + ]

Transformación del sector energético

Bettergy and the transformation of the energy sector.

Bettergy starts with a clear vision and is to transform the energy sector to efficiently manage the resources of our customers, innovating through the use of our energy data management platform, EnergySequence. The cost of sequencing the human genome years… [ + ]

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Electric vehicles: Autonomy, Installation, and Charge

The critical point of all the doubts that surround the electric vehicles arise around its autonomy and how and where to load it. Autonomy In the market, you can find electric vehicles whose real autonomy exceeds 200 kilometers (we can… [ + ]