EVE 2018 aid program

The aid programs 2018 for the improvement of energy efficiency and savings that the Basque Energy Agency opened last April, extend the periods of validity until October 31, 2018, except for aid to energy services companies, until November 30, 2018.… [ + ]

Why do we change our brand?

VATIA se convierte en Bettergy [ + ]

Instalación Puntos de Recarga eléctrica

Electrical Charging Points for Vehicles Solution

We have charging points with the best service for installation. In some cases, we integrate solar marquee projects for the management of the charging point. Bettergy offers the Integral Solution for the implementation of the project, considering: 1.Installation as Turnkey… [ + ]

Auditoría según RD 56/2016

Energy Audit according RD 56/2016

With an experience of more than 2,000 installations audited in accordance with European Directive 27/2012 and RD 56/2016, Bettergy offers its clients the best audit service.