Actuaciones de eficiencia energética en Agropecuarios

8 Millones de euros destinados a las Actuaciones de Eficiencia Energética en Explotaciones Agropecuarias.

El programa de ayudas para la realización de actuaciones de eficiencia energética en explotaciones agropecuarias fue aprobado por el Consejo de Ministros fue aprobado el pasado 10 de marzo de 2021. El Ministerio para la Transición Ecológica y el Reto Demográfico,… [ + ]

Operation of Shared Self-consumption

Shared Self-consumption is one of the most interesting energy models. It offers great economic and energy savings by allowing several consumers to share the same photovoltaic installation. It is therefore open to blocks of apartments, industrial estates and energy communities.… [ + ]

Funcionamiento del Autoconsumo Compartido

El Autoconsumo Compartido es uno de los modelos energéticos más interesantes. Supone un gran ahorro económico y energético al permitir que varios consumidores compartan una misma instalación fotovoltaica. Está abierta, por tanto, a bloques de viviendas, polígonos industriales y comunidades… [ + ]

The Government approves 1.32 billion euros for self-consumption, batteries and renewable air conditioning.

The Council of Ministers has approved RD 477/2021 approving the granting of aid for self-consumption and storage through renewable energy sources, as well as the implementation of renewable thermal systems in the residential sector. The initial budget is 660 million… [ + ]

El Gobierno aprueba 1.320 millones de euros para autoconsumo, baterías y climatización renovable.

El Consejo de Ministros, ha aprobado el RD 477/2021 por el que se aprueba la concesión de ayudas al autoconsumo y almacenamiento a través de fuentes de energías renovables, así como la implantación de sistemas térmico renovables en el sector… [ + ]

Visalia Group

Bettergy has implemented the EnergySequence software for all the Visalia Group’s electricity trading companies. The Visalia Group is one of the groups that has experienced the greatest growth in the last year in the commercialization of electricity in Spain. In… [ + ]

The Inter-American Development Bank awards the contract “Consultancy for the promotion and implementation of Distributed Generation and Energy Efficiency programs under Public-Private Partnership models” to Bettergy.

The Inter-American Development Bank,  main multilateral development institution focused in Latin America, has awarded the contract “Consulting for the promotion and implementation of Distributed Generation (DG) and Energy Efficiency (EE) programs under Public Private Partnership (PPP) models” to the two… [ + ]

Do you want to know if your municipality offers IBI or ICIO rebates for self-consumption installations?

Bettergy puts into action the available energy information, being able to design dashboards and business intelligence tools in the energy field. In order to accelerate the implementation process of distributed generation, we have created an interactive website. With this type… [ + ]

EnergySequence: Collective Self-Consumption

EnergySequence: A tool to facilitate the efficient implementation of Collective Self-consumption installations. Collective self-consumption, as highlighted in the EU Directive 2018/2001 Art. 21:2 a), aims to guarantee the access and right of citizens to be able to generate, sell, store… [ + ]

The Regional Government of Andalusia allocates 37.3 Million Euros of Aid for Solar Installations.

On May 12, the line of incentives for photovoltaic self-consumption projects and other solar installations framed within the Program for the Sustainable Energy Development of Andalusia was reopened. These grants, published through the Andalusian Energy Agency, are made up of… [ + ]