Do you want to know if your municipality offers IBI or ICIO rebates for self-consumption installations?

Bettergy puts into action the available energy information, being able to design dashboards and business intelligence tools in the energy field. In order to accelerate the implementation process of distributed generation, we have created an interactive website. With this type… [ + ]

EnergySequence: Collective Self-Consumption

EnergySequence: A tool to facilitate the efficient implementation of Collective Self-consumption installations. Collective self-consumption, as highlighted in the EU Directive 2018/2001 Art. 21:2 a), aims to guarantee the access and right of citizens to be able to generate, sell, store… [ + ]

The Regional Government of Andalusia allocates 37.3 Million Euros of Aid for Solar Installations.

On May 12, the line of incentives for photovoltaic self-consumption projects and other solar installations framed within the Program for the Sustainable Energy Development of Andalusia was reopened. These grants, published through the Andalusian Energy Agency, are made up of… [ + ]

PREE Program: Energy Rehabilitation of Buildings.

The PREE program was approved by the Council of Ministers for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge. It regulates the aid program for energy rehabilitation actions in existing buildings and the direct granting of aid to the Autonomous Communities… [ + ]


Aid up to 80%. BOE Royal Decree 266/2021, of April 13, which approves the direct granting of aid. The Moves III Plan applies to the autonomous communities and the cities of Ceuta and Melilla. It is an incentive program linked… [ + ]

MOVES II Program

The MOVES II Program (Plan of Incentives for Efficient and Sustainable Mobility) has been endowed for this year 2020 with a budget of 100 million euros, more than 222% compared to the last edition. What’s new in this new edition?… [ + ]

Guarantees of origin: the demand for renewable electricity sets a new record when exceeding 500 TWh in Europe.

“For the first time, the demand for renewable energy in Europe exceeds 500 TWh, or half a billion Guarantees of Origin,” said Tom Lindberg, CEO of ECOHZ, commenting on the 2018 statistics of the Association of Issuing Organizations (AIB) .… [ + ]

The clean energy corporate PPAs set a new record of 13.4 GW in 2018.

The BNEF report highlights that 121 corporations from 21 different countries signed 13.4GW of clean energy PPA contracts in 2018, which positions companies along with power companies as the largest buyers of clean energy worldwide. Kyle Harrison, the corporate sustainability… [ + ]

Mercado eléctrico europeo

The European Parliament confirms the agreement to reform the European electricity market.

The European Parliament’s Committee on Industry, Research and Energy have confirmed on Wednesday the agreement reached with the EU governments to reform the design of the European electricity market to improve its operation, give more power to consumers and facilitate… [ + ]

Geopolítica de la transformación de la energía

Renewable Energies: The geopolitics of the transformation of energy.

The World Commission on the Geopolitics of Energy Transformation in its report ‘A New World‘ exposes how the new era of renewable energies will change the power relations between countries, readjusting the forces of power, security, energy independence, and prosperity.… [ + ]

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