Bombillas halógenas

Europe says goodbye to halogen bulbs

As of September 1, 2018, the community regulations of 2009, which entered into force in 2016, on energy efficiency that was approved by the European Parliament, will be introduced, a new regulation that will prohibit the manufacture and sale of… [ + ]

resiliencia urbana

Urban Resilience, the road to Smart Cities

For the cities of the future to be smart, urban resilience must first be achieved. Cities, and more importantly citizens, must be prepared for changes so that the quality of life is not impaired. But, let’s go in parts. First,… [ + ]

What is happening to the price of electricity?

The price of electricity reaches a new annual maximum. In the wholesale market, the megawatt-hour (MWh) reached € 70.99. In August, the average was € 63.99 per MWh (The second most expensive one month in the last 10 years) with… [ + ]

Transición energética

Objective 2030: The energy transition in Spain.

“We have to set a clear and ambitious goal of reducing emissions by 2030 and 2050. The energy transition in Spain, if we do not do it, we can not carry out the decarbonization of the economy as committed by… [ + ]

Transformación del sector energético

Bettergy and the transformation of the energy sector.

Bettergy starts with a clear vision and is to transform the energy sector to efficiently manage the resources of our customers, innovating through the use of our energy data management platform, EnergySequence. The cost of sequencing the human genome years… [ + ]

vehiculo eléctrico

Electric vehicles: Autonomy, Installation, and Charge

The critical point of all the doubts that surround the electric vehicles arise around its autonomy and how and where to load it. Autonomy In the market, you can find electric vehicles whose real autonomy exceeds 200 kilometers (we can… [ + ]

EVE 2018 aid program

The aid programs 2018 for the improvement of energy efficiency and savings that the Basque Energy Agency opened last April, extend the periods of validity until October 31, 2018, except for aid to energy services companies, until November 30, 2018.… [ + ]

Why do we change our brand?

VATIA se convierte en Bettergy [ + ]

Electric charging point installation for electric cars

One of the revolutions that our society is going to experience in the coming years will be that of electric mobility and sustainability in transport. The electric car is going to be the epicenter of the revolution. The deployment that… [ + ]

The Energy Audit: requirements and advantages

The energy audit meets a series of requirements that must be taken into account. Requirements. Royal Decree 56/2016 establishes the obligation to carry out energy audits every four years for those companies or groups of companies with more than 250… [ + ]

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