Movilidad Eléctrica

Electric Mobility

Bettergy is researching new infrastructure investments for an intelligent city, which should make it possible to reduce traffic congestion, minimise driving times and routes, and provide tools to inform users in real time of the traffic situation, as well as… [ + ]

Internet de las Cosas


Bettergy researches solutions for the monitoring and reduction of consumption (electricity, water and gas) and provides real-time solutions for organizations in multiple sectors to align their energy consumption with their objectives and address a continuous improvement in the rationalization of… [ + ]

Cadena de bloques o blockchain


We are investigating the applications of what we understand is one of the most disruptive technologies today, the blockchain. We are analysing how this new paradigm can influence the Energy sector. To this end, we are participating in research and… [ + ]

transformación digital

Digital Transformation

The latest digital trends are also converging in Bettergy’s digital strategy, adopting new concepts as fundamental in our times as big data and predictive models, especially when we combine them with leading technologies in the energy sector such as remote… [ + ]

Análisis de datos

Data Analysis

Bettergy has a long history in the development and exploitation of advanced algorithms, such as statistical models, neural networks, supporting vector machines, clustering tools and other automatic learning techniques, as well as in the application of simulation techniques.