Renting and Technology Financing.

Bettergy is a company specialized in offering technological services and solutions. We help private companies and public administrations to define and implement customized solutions in technology leasing. We adapt to the needs of each client. Technological leasing The size of… [ + ]

The Energy Audit: requirements and advantages

The energy audit meets a series of requirements that must be taken into account. Requirements. Royal Decree 56/2016 establishes the obligation to carry out energy audits every four years for those companies or groups of companies with more than 250… [ + ]

Energy Manager

Energy Management is the perfect weapon to improve the competitiveness of your company, to reduce your expenses and improve your balance sheets. This is not a cost, but a savings. Energy management in an organization becomes an increasingly critical task… [ + ]

Implementation of ISO 50.001

We are experts in Energy Management Systems, and we advise clients interested in becoming certified in the implementation of Energy Management Systems such as ISO 50.001. For Bettergy, experts in energy consulting and engineering, ISO 50.001 IS NOT ANY MORE… [ + ]

Noise level and environmental pollution Measurement

At Bettergy we offer our noise and environmental pollution monitoring platform through SaaS (Software as a Service). After years of research and testing, we make our solution to measure noise with high levels of precision (type I meters) available to… [ + ]

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