Instalación Puntos de Recarga eléctrica

Electrical Charging Points for Vehicles Solution

We have charging points with the best service for installation. In some cases, we integrate solar marquee projects for the management of the charging point. Bettergy offers the Integral Solution for the implementation of the project, considering: 1.Installation as Turnkey… [ + ]

Certificados y proyectos de instalaciones

Certificates and installation projects

We are experts in savings certification, CO2 emissions and energy qualification. In addition, we have been developing complex installation projects in the energy field for years. Our day-to-day work is based on going from one building to another, whether it… [ + ]


Mayoral is the leading children’s clothing brand in the Iberian Peninsula, Bettergy starts from the Energy Analysis of the group of almost 200 stores distributed throughout Spain in less than a month, carrying out comparative analyses among the stores and… [ + ]

Plan de Actuación en instalaciones fotovoltaicas

Photovoltaic Installation

We plan, build, operate and finance isolated and grid-connected photovoltaic systems. In addition, we are specialists in all the products required for installations: photovoltaic modules and inverters.