Renting y Financiación Tecnológica

Bettergy es una empresa especializada en ofrecer servicios y soluciones tecnológicas. Ayudamos a empresas privadas y administraciones públicas a definir e implementar soluciones a medida en renting tecnológico. Nos adaptamos a las necesidades de cada cliente. Arrendamiento tecnológico El tamaño… [ + ]

Punto de carga

Programa MOVES II

El Programa MOVES II (Plan de Incentivos a la Movilidad Eficiente y Sostenible) ha sido dotado para este año 2020 de un presupuesto de 100 millones de euros, más de un 222% respecto al la pasada edición ¿Qué novedad presenta esta… [ + ]

Electric charging point installation for electric cars

One of the revolutions that our society is going to experience in the coming years will be that of electric mobility and sustainability in transport. The electric car is going to be the epicenter of the revolution. The deployment that… [ + ]

Aid management

Different lines of aid are currently open. One of the most recent is the reopening of the line of incentives for photovoltaic self-consumption projects and other solar installations framed within the Program for Sustainable Energy Development of Andalusia. These grants,… [ + ]

Certificates and installation projects

We are experts in savings certificates, CO2 emissions and energy rating.In addition, we have been developing complex installation projects in the energy field for years. Our day-to-day life is based on going from one building to another, be it our… [ + ]

Málaga Smart City

PUBLIC: City of Malaga

Bettergy is committed to the city of Malaga and other public clients in the development of innovative projects in the field of smart cities. In this city he has deployed different solutions, among them a project of control of public… [ + ]

experiencia en proyectos de Smart Cities

Cities: experience in Smart Cities projects

Smart Cities refers to the concept of smart cities. These are cities based on sustainable urban development, which apply innovation and Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) to the management and provision of different services. Bettergy has extensive experience in Smart… [ + ]

Málaga Smart City

Public Lighting Management

The extensive experience of our staff in the management of public lighting, their technical qualifications and knowledge of the sector allow us to provide assistance for the implementation of energy efficiency measures to significantly reduce 50% of the energy costs… [ + ]

Control Systems: Wireless Sensor Networks

With more than 10 years of experience and knowledge in the field of wireless sensor networks, we bring to market an advanced engineering solution for remote control of outdoor lighting networks, having participated in projects on three continents.