AXPO joins Bettergy to develop its Digital Strategy in the Photovoltaic field

AXPO has placed its trust in Bettergy to develop its digital strategy in the photovoltaic field for the Spanish and Portuguese markets, gathering its vision and business model in a customization of our EnergySequence solution, a digital platform for an… [ + ]

KORIAN GROUP: Leadership in Environmental Commitments and 360 kW PPA

The Korian Group has recently been ranked first among the 47 companies in the Health Services sector worldwide by Vigeo Eiris, an agency specialized in the evaluation of ESG (environmental, social and governance) criteria. The company is dedicated to the… [ + ]

Collective Self-consumption Installation 100 kW -San Jose Association

COLLECTIVE SELF-CONSUMPTION OF 7 BUILDINGS: SAN JOSÉ ASSOCIATION IN GUADIX, GRANADA Bettergy has been in charge of carrying out the installation of Collective Self-consumption in 2 Producer Buildings and 7 Consumer Buildings in the San José Association. The Asociación en… [ + ]

Installation of Solar Canopy 185 kW and Recharging Points -MAYORAL

Bettergy has been commissioned to carry out the photovoltaic installation located on the canopies of the Mayoral parking lot, located in the Intelhorce Industrial Park (Malaga). This proposal aims to present a complete solution for Self-Generation in Photovoltaic Solar Energy.… [ + ]

Installation of Photovoltaic Plant 99 kW -El Copo

Bettergy has been commissioned to carry out the photovoltaic installation in El Copo. This installation will have a peak power of 99.990 kW. This photovoltaic plant will be composed of 304 photovoltaic modules of polycrystalline silicon cells, Iberian Solar brand,… [ + ]

90 kW Photovoltaic Solar Installation -CEMOSA

Bettergy has been commissioned to carry out the installation of Photovoltaic Solar Energy Self-Generation for CEMOSA. Based on the data and indications received, the roof of the main building and the adjoining warehouses have been selected for the installation of… [ + ]

Photovoltaic Solar Installation – Calanova Golf Club, Malaga, Spain

Bettergy presents the Club with a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). With this agreement they can achieve an immediate benefit in energy costs without an upfront capital outlay, and that is commercially viable. The 30kW solar PV solution is implemented to… [ + ]

VIK Gran Hotel Costa del Sol: Installation of charging points for electric vehicles.

The electric vehicle is a fundamental part of the change in the energy model. For Bettergy, the installation of this type of infrastructure is part of its strategy to change the energy model, as a growth vector for the coming… [ + ]

Photovoltaic Solar Installation – Real Club Nautico, Puerto de Santa Maria, Puerto de Santa Maria, Spain

At Bettergy, based on our experience in the energy sector, we combine data analysis with the implementation of solutions to save resources and optimize activities, which results in improved results and reputation for our clients. Therefore, we bring you another… [ + ]

Commissioning of the solar photovoltaic installation in the Mancomunidad de Municipios Costa del Sol Occidental

We have carried out the commissioning of the solar photovoltaic installation made in the Mancomunidad de Municipios Costa del Sol Occidental. In Bettergy we take care of the whole installation process, thanks to the knowledge and experience of our team,… [ + ]

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