AXPO joins Bettergy to develop its Digital Strategy in the Photovoltaic field

AXPO has placed its trust in Bettergy to develop its digital strategy in the photovoltaic field for the Spanish and Portuguese markets, gathering its vision and business model in a customization of our EnergySequence solution, a digital platform for an… [ + ]

Plataforma Energy Sequence

Energy Sequence: Web platform for energy management

EnergySequence allows retailers to generate economic savings measures for their entire customer portfolio, allowing the generation of offers in pdf format for customers.   Through the EnergySequence platform, both installers and suppliers can carry out customized photovoltaic studies for each… [ + ]

Evergreen Electric

Evergreen Eléctrica is a trading company with more than 10 years of experience in the market. Since its inception, it was created with the aim of providing the best service and support to its customers, with a very relevant foreign… [ + ]

Visalia Group

Bettergy has implemented the EnergySequence software for all the Visalia Group’s electricity trading companies. The Visalia Group is one of the groups that has experienced the greatest growth in the last year in the commercialization of electricity in Spain. In… [ + ]

Do you want to know if your municipality offers IBI or ICIO rebates for self-consumption installations?

Bettergy puts into action the available energy information, being able to design dashboards and business intelligence tools in the energy field. In order to accelerate the implementation process of distributed generation, we have created an interactive website. With this type… [ + ]

EnergySequence: Collective Self-Consumption

EnergySequence: A tool to facilitate the efficient implementation of Collective Self-consumption installations. Collective self-consumption, as highlighted in the EU Directive 2018/2001 Art. 21:2 a), aims to guarantee the access and right of citizens to be able to generate, sell, store… [ + ]


EDI: EnergySequence begins the experimentation stage in Bilbao.

During the last week, european corporates, startups and coaches were in the University of Deusto in Bilbao to tackle and solve some of the main world challenges in Big Data thanks to European Data Incubator(EDI). Bettergy was present with EnergySequence… [ + ]

Entidades financieras

BANK: Unicaja Bank

Unicaja Banco, the sixth largest financial institution in the country, completed in a very short time and at a very low cost the energy analysis work derived from Royal Decree 56/2016. We use our monitoring platform and an innovative analysis… [ + ]

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