KORIAN GROUP: Leadership in Environmental Commitments and 360 kW PPA

The Korian Group has recently been ranked first among the 47 companies in the Health Services sector worldwide by Vigeo Eiris, an agency specialized in the evaluation of ESG (environmental, social and governance) criteria. The company is dedicated to the… [ + ]

The Inter-American Development Bank awards the contract “Consultancy for the promotion and implementation of Distributed Generation and Energy Efficiency programs under Public-Private Partnership models” to Bettergy.

The Inter-American Development Bank,  main multilateral development institution focused in Latin America, has awarded the contract “Consulting for the promotion and implementation of Distributed Generation (DG) and Energy Efficiency (EE) programs under Public Private Partnership (PPP) models” to the two… [ + ]

Fujitsu Ten Spain, a more efficient company

FUJITSU TEN ESPAÑA, LEADING COMPANY OF MANUFACTURE OF ELECTRONIC PRODUCTS Fujitsu has around 500 workers, 40 years of experience in the sector and some modern and recently expanded facilities. In total it has three buildings, FTESA I, FTESA II and… [ + ]

EDUCATION: Escuelas del Ave María

The Ave María Foundation Schools are a group of non-profit centres dedicated to teaching, with teaching ranging from pre-school education to advanced vocational training. BETTERGY has carried out an energy audit of four of its centres,framed within the RD 56/2016.… [ + ]


Ferrovial’s commitment to the development of services for the smart city  has led the company to seek an ally in Bettergy, which partners with Ferrovial to improve its performance levels with its customers and offer new services that complement its… [ + ]


Bettergy helps Enel’s large and public clients to support their value-added services. Starting from the consumption data, it offers its data management platform to optimize consumption, reduce the time and cost of analysis, and improve customer satisfaction with its energy… [ + ]


BETTERGY has finished energy analysis toMATSA,one of the two large copper mines currently in Spain. The work carried out has made it possible to analyse problems in the electricity supply, the breakdown of the main consumptions and the identification of… [ + ]



The Navarrese poultry company UVESA hires BETTERGY to carry out its first energy audit, with a view to obtaining the maximum benefit from it. Following the energy audit of its plants in Valencia and Andalusia, the BETTERGY audit team identified… [ + ]


LOGISTICS: Bidafarma

We completed our energy audit with the leading company in pharmaceutical distribution nationwide, with 28% of the market share. Specifically, at its Malaga facility it has leaks along its distribution network, of which an order of economic magnitude is not… [ + ]

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