Bettergy starts photovoltaic solar installation in the Commonwealth of Municipalities Costa del Sol Occidental.

We start photovoltaic solar installation in Bettergy. We take care of the entire installation process, thanks to the knowledge and experience of our team, we integrate the entire production chain to ensure quality and customer safety. For Bettergy, the installation… [ + ]

Entidades financieras

BANK: Unicaja Bank

Unicaja Banco, the sixth largest financial institution in the country, completed in a very short time and at a very low cost the energy analysis work derived from Royal Decree 56/2016. We use our monitoring platform and an innovative analysis… [ + ]


Mayoral is the leading children’s clothing brand in the Iberian Peninsula, Bettergy starts from the Energy Analysis of the group of almost 200 stores distributed throughout Spain in less than a month, carrying out comparative analyses among the stores and… [ + ]

Málaga Smart City

PUBLIC: City of Malaga

Bettergy is committed to the city of Malaga and other public clients in the development of innovative projects in the field of smart cities. In this city he has deployed different solutions, among them a project of control of public… [ + ]

EDUCATION: Escuelas del Ave María

The Ave María Foundation Schools are a group of non-profit centres dedicated to teaching, with teaching ranging from pre-school education to advanced vocational training. BETTERGY has carried out an energy audit of four of its centres,framed within the RD 56/2016.… [ + ]


Bettergy helps Enel’s large and public clients to support their value-added services. Starting from the consumption data, it offers its data management platform to optimize consumption, reduce the time and cost of analysis, and improve customer satisfaction with its energy… [ + ]


LOGISTICS: Bidafarma

We completed our energy audit with the leading company in pharmaceutical distribution nationwide, with 28% of the market share. Specifically, at its Malaga facility it has leaks along its distribution network, of which an order of economic magnitude is not… [ + ]