Commissioning of the solar photovoltaic installation in the Mancomunidad de Municipios Costa del Sol Occidental

We have carried out the commissioning of the solar photovoltaic installation made in the Mancomunidad de Municipios Costa del Sol Occidental. In Bettergy we take care of the whole installation process, thanks to the knowledge and experience of our team, we integrate the entire product chain to ensure quality and safety to the customer.

This project not only saves on the electricity bill, but also achieves other very important objectives, which are indicated below:

  • It serves to provide Mancomunidad de Municipios Costa del Sol Occidental with an image of sustainability and innovation, improving its social positioning and reducing its carbon footprint.
  • It serves to adapt the electricity consumption curve of Mancomunidad de Municipios Costa del Sol Occidental to the photovoltaic production curve and to avoid energy surplus, which is not used, consuming only its own energy.
  • As this project is carried out in a public building where many people pass every year, this type of installation achieves a function of awareness and sensitization of society towards the use of renewable energies.
  • In addition, the Public Administration promotes projects as a model for the private sector, generating confidence in this sector and stimulating the market.

The project consists of the execution of a solar photovoltaic installation for self-consumption of less than 10 kW in the Mancomunidad’s headquarters building, as well as its legalization.

The general characteristics of the installation are as follows: Type of installation: solar photovoltaic self-consumption solar installation connected to the grid Classification according to Royal Decree 900/2015: Type 1 Power less than or equal to 10 kWp.

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