Do you want to know if your municipality offers IBI or ICIO rebates for self-consumption installations?

Bettergy puts into action the available energy information, being able to design dashboards and business intelligence tools in the energy field.

In order to accelerate the implementation process of distributed generation, we have created an interactive website. With this type of technology we want to make it easier for promoters and installers of solar self-consumption to quickly consult the tax rebate that this type of installation entails, referring here to the real estate tax (IBI), and the tax on constructions, installations and works (ICIO).

The data collected here are the data provided publicly by the Renewable Energy Foundation.

Our digital solutions, such as the Energy Sequence platform for the evaluation of energy saving measures, incorporate business intelligence tools as standard to facilitate decision-making.

We currently perform this type of analysis on a customized basis for energy trading companies, installers of photovoltaic self-consumption, etc.. We offer, among others, the following types of analysis

  • Portfolio segmentation in terms of energy saving potential: solar self-consumption, power adjustment, reactive energy compensation, and contract optimization.
  • Customer acquisition: Lead acquisition metrics through tools such as our interactive solar calculator.
  • Commercial metrics, profitability analysis and customer portfolio, by tariff, commercial agent, etc.

The EnergySequence platform brings together energy efficiency knowledge and data analytics to provide reliable and intelligent energy saving recommendations.

We help digitize the solar self-consumption experience by facilitating solar energy developers, retailers and installers to carry out their projects efficiently, EnergySequence enables project modeling to streamline the sales process, which allows you to create professional proposals in less than 3 minutes.

We offer one of the most complete and sophisticated models in the market, where among many other parameters we consider IBI and ICIO tax rebates.

If you need more information, do not hesitate to contact our Sales Department at or +34 651 46 87 26.

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