EDI: EnergySequence begins the experimentation stage in Bilbao.

During the last week, european corporates, startups and coaches were in the University of Deusto in Bilbao to tackle and solve some of the main world challenges in Big Data thanks to European Data Incubator(EDI).

BilbaoBettergy was present with EnergySequence to improve energy usage in different sites forecasting HVAC consumption , identifying anomalous consumption for corrective and preventive actions and estimating savings when shedding events are applied. We agreed with Virtual Power Solution(VPS) the best solution , discussing and improving our proposal while reaching agreements for future exploitation.

The first days we met dedicated coaches from the Deusto Entrepreneurship Centre. The staff from EDI offered the alternative of using  technical infrastructure in FIWARE Lab with a free Cloud based scalable Big Data tools stack.

At the same week, we receive and incredible technical training  on state-of- the-art Big Data tools by University of Deusto and Engineering. Some of the skills we were developing were related to:

  • Energy Data Visualization: Data science in Energy  is about communicating our findings, savings  and energy insight for data providers, and data visualization is an incredibly valuable part of that.
  • Machine Learning: A lot of data science in energy can be done with select energy data, join, and groupby (or equivalently, map and reduce) but usually we need to do some non-trivial machine learning.
  • Stream Processing, Big Data Architectures, Data quality and advanded Analytics were some of the issues we were discussing in the trainning.

Thanks for the opportunity and see you soon to change how people and companies think and act about energy!

This post is also available in: Spanish

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