Electric vehicles: Autonomy, Installation, and Charge

The critical point of all the doubts that surround the electric vehicles arise around its autonomy and how and where to load it.


In the market, you can find electric vehicles whose real autonomy exceeds 200 kilometers (we can find models of electric vehicles that exceed 400 kilometers of autonomy, high-end)

Installation and Charge

To begin with, you must have your own or rented parking space. This is essential to obtain the highest profitability offered by this type of vehicle. In the event that your parking space is in a community of owners, it is enough to notify the rest of the owners of the installation of the point in their place. By the horizontal property law, the community must allow its installation.

electric vehicles

On the other hand, the cost of installing the charging point will depend on different variables such as technology, installed power, complexity … etc.

The VEA Plan, in its aid for electric vehicles, contemplates that the dealer or the brand installs the recharge point for free (if it is worth less than 1,000 euros). The VEA has a budget of 66.6 million and will be put into operation before the end of the year.



Public aid for neighborhood communities.

The Community of Madrid is going to approve a line of aid for the installation of charging points for electric vehicles, with a budget of one and a half million euros. It will subsidize 50% the connections and 50% the installation of the recharging point. The community must attach a document with the neighborhood quorum to the application to process it.

And on long trips? For today we only find Tesla’s Superchargers. But by the end of 2019, the electro-lines and charging points will be very widespread on our roads.

What do we do in Bettergy?

We have charging points for electric vehicles with the best service for installation. In some cases, we integrate solar marquee projects for the management of the recharge point.

1. “Turnkey” installation of the project: Supply, Installation, Start-up, and maintenance.

2. Complete management of the process before the Administration to obtain the incentive through the different subsidy lines at the regional and national levels.

Source: El Mundo.

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