Electric charging point installation for electric cars

One of the revolutions that our society is going to experience in the coming years will be that of electric mobility and sustainability in transport.

The electric car is going to be the epicenter of the revolution. The deployment that is already taking place in some countries to boost the electric car recharging network is being key to reaching a sustainable future

Therefore, from Bettergy, we understand that we must help companies and large corporations to implement this deployment.

                                                   instalacion puntos de recarga coche electrico

The Integral Solution that we offer in the implementation of the project is:

  • Supply, Installation, Start-up and Maintenance of recharging points.
  • Attractive design for architectural integration in buildings, public locations or street furniture. Diversity of adaptable technical solutions
  • Recharge Time: Fast or semi-fast charge
  • Reliability and Control
  • Recharging Two Vehicles Simultaneously, Charging Power Regulation.
    User Identification
  • System, with a Charging System for individualized consumptions.

We also manage the complete process before the Administration to Obtain the incentive through the different subsidy lines at the regional and national level.

instalacion puntos de recarga coche electrico

Installation of Charging Point in Community Garages
Community garages differ considerably from private garages. On the one hand, the installation becomes more expensive because it is an installation that normally requires more meters of cable than an installation in a single-family home:

  • If you live in the same community where you park, the most economical and viable option is to install your charging point from the same meter that powers your home. You will not need a new meter, you will not have to pay more, you will not need any authorization. Just like the current meter feeds your home, this same meter will feed your garage space.
  • If you have a parking space in a large community garage, you can choose the Cargo Manager option. In this case, Bettergy will install its own meter in your community. Those neighbors who want a charging point, will only need to request it.
  • The installation of your electric vehicle charging point will be done through a new supply. For this, Bettergy will execute the project for the installation of a new meter and supply. The meter will become the exclusive property of the owner and will be able to contract with the electricity company of their choice.
  • Other Options: There are other options when installing a charging point, depending mainly on the characteristics of the garage. A cable can be diverted from your floor, if it is located on the first floors. Also, if your community considers it and approves it, you can connect to the community facility.

Installation of EV charging point for Private Garage
If you have a home with your own garage, or a ground floor with a private garage, Bettergy will take care of the installation of the charging point.

This installation will be carried out under the strict parameters of current regulations and will allow you to charge your vehicle in an economical, efficient and safe way.

The charging points that Bettergy supplies can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Facilities for Companies
Instalaciones de Infraestructura de Vehículo Eléctrico para Empresas

Company fleets: We offer you a free study for the implementation of recharging points for company fleets. We help you select the best recharge option adapting to your specific needs.

  • Complete needs analysis service, purchase and installation of charging points.
  • Supply of charging points.
  • Renting of charging points.

Recharge Points for your organization’s staff:

We offer charging point solutions for employees with the possibility of payment via mobile. We fully implement the recharge solution.

Recharge Points for customers:

Offer your customers a recharge service; Let us offer you the best solutions to offer an excellent service to your customers.

A whole team of professionals to help you and implement the best charging solutions in your company.

If you have a company with parking for your employees or for your corporate fleet, contract your charging point with us.

Bettergy offers you a comprehensive charging point installation service.

We offer you various options, including payment by RFID card, three-phase charging, etc.

Charging points for Public Administrations
We have a free advisory team for technicians, both at the municipal level, as well as at the regional and national level.

Renewable Stations
Why not take advantage of the space necessary to install a charging point and power it with Solar Energy?

This is where Bettergy’s sustainable charging points were born.

Bettergy offers its customers the project of installation of charging points powered by solar energy. They are “turnkey” projects, where the client only worries about putting the space for their installation and Bettergy offers a complete advisory and installation service.

Call our commercial team directly to evaluate your project: +34 952 025 789 or to the email

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