Iluminación en edificios

Bettergy is an organization committed to a change of the current energy model

Creating innovative global technological solutions, offering an excellent service to our customers, respecting people and seeking excellence in any project undertaken.

To do this, it combines data analysis with equipment and its experience in the energy sector to save resources, which leads to improved results and reputation and a reduction of risks for our customers.

Our philosophy


Managing energy efficiently is an essential requirement of modern societies

Limited natural resources, coupled with over-consumption of energy, are leading to a worsening of environmental problems.

Incorporating criteria of energy efficiency in the use and design of equipment and systems should be the daily task of electric utilities, companies and public bodies.

Control del consumo energético

This new approach to energy management allows marrying at all times consumption and demand, choosing the most efficient equipment for this. We are changing the way people use energy. Today it is possible to know the consumption in real time, to analyze the information received, and to adopt solutions that correct the anomalous and unwanted behaviors, automatically and instantaneous, both in person and remotely.

The challenge is important, but we have the tools and knowledge necessary to reach the goal successfully.

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