Bettergy aims to put together two separate worlds to date, that of Energy with that of technology and data analysis

We have a team of specialists in the energy sector, specialists in Software and Data Analysts, which allow us to offer an unparalleled service to our clients.

These people work hard to ensure that Bettergy always presents itself as a trusted company in the energy sector, we are convinced to be able to improve the way we use energy.

With enthusiasm, experience and focused on the needs of our clients, we intend to be pioneers in some lines or projects, we innovate by standard and we intend to transmit these values to the rest of the team to motivate a continuous growth and improvement that is personified in our vision as a company.

Antonio Ruíz Antonio J. Ruiz CEO
Aitor Castillo Aitor Castillo COO
Pablo de la Rosa Pablo de la Rosa Technical Director
Yesnier Bravo Yesnier Bravo IT Director
Javier Becerra Javier Becerra Business Development Manager
Francisco Ramos Francisco Ramos Energy Efficiency Engineer
Nicolás Ordóñez Nicolás Ordóñez Energy Efficiency Engineer
Pit Stenzel Data Analyst

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