EnergySequence has been selected as one of the finalists of Bind 4.0.

EnergySequence has been selected as one of the finalists for Bind 4.0., One of the most prestigious acceleration programs for Industry 4.0. Here, we present our platform for helping large industrial facilities control their energy flow (electricity and gas) and Optimize their processes.

EnergySequence is helping large industries to automate the real-time monitoring of data quality and integrity. It virtualizes the industrial facility and creates digital models of real assets, the final aim is to model the behavior of the equipment to work as much as possible, while reducing CO2 emissions.


Our cloud platform allows defining algorithms based on the patterns to identify malfunctioning preventing phantom energy loss. The energy Data can be processed through data analytic techniques to define predictive maintenance, to manage production processes or to forecast energy based on future production requirements.

The benefit for those industries is huge, with continuous recommendations and optimization measures, so our final aim is to help many of the best in class bind 4.0 partner companies which are market-leading innovators in manufacturing. We hope these Industry 4.0 partners become customers of EnergySequence Platform and grow together.

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