Evergreen Electric

Evergreen Eléctrica is a trading company with more than 10 years of experience in the market. Since its inception, it was created with the aim of providing the best service and support to its customers, with a very relevant foreign community, with experts both native English and Spanish speakers and from other northern European countries, able to provide the best service. In addition, it has a notable portfolio of SMEs, which makes it an outstanding service to this segment.

Evergreen has customized prices for each type of client, thus adapting to all types of needs.

Bettergy joins Evergreen Eléctrica to reinforce its customer-centric business model, offering them personalized recommendations on energy efficiency and distributed generation.

From the digital channel, through our EnergySequence platform, we have been able to launch a marketing campaign to their customers, offering them discounts and the best products associated with solar self-consumption and the creation of energy communities as well as the turnkey installation of electric vehicle charging points. The offers issued have been 100% customized according to the customer’s needs and consumption data.

Results obtained

Thanks to the agreement between Evergreen and Bettergy, the number of photovoltaic installations and recharging points implemented has begun to multiply, increasing the volume of business generated by up to 300% and, more importantly, improving the perception that Evergreen’s customers have of it as an energy supplier.

The abandonment rates are being reduced, achieving the loyalty of many of these customers, in spite of the complicated moment the energy markets are going through, and improving the electricity company’s profit and loss account.

Save 40% on your photovoltaic installation and up to 70% on your recharge point. If you are interested, we will take care of everything!

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