Fujitsu Ten Spain, a more efficient company


Fujitsu has around 500 workers, 40 years of experience in the sector and some modern and recently expanded facilities. In total it has three buildings, FTESA I, FTESA II and an R & D Center, which together represent an area of ​​28,947 m2.

As in other companies in the industrial sector, the energy cost is relevant to the company’s income statement, with which improving is an objective of the company’s management.

Energy Analysis through the Energy Sequence platform

As a starting point, Bettergy realized, from the monitoring of its energy consumption, a virtual energy analysis through its EnergySequence platform, through which actions related to operational improvements were proposed (optimization of the contracted power, displacement from the production schedules to cheaper periods and adjustments of some slogans) that could lead to savings of more than € 33,000, derived from the energy that would be consumed.

Investment Measures

This set of measures of operational type joined a set of measures with investment (acquisition of measuring equipment, change of lighting to LED, ..) that can result in savings of more than 263,000 kWh per year, equivalent to more than 73 CO2 ton.

It was also proposed the incorporation of a SCADA system for the control of manufacturing processes and the installation of a desiccant dehumidifier to combat moisture problems in the warehouse area.

The Energy Manager

In a later phase, as an energy manager, and making use of our energy data management platform, EnergySequence, Fujitsu has been making a conscientious analysis of its potential for environmental improvement in line with the highest quality standards of the sector internationally, Incorporating any of those measures in the platform to measure and verify their impact.

An analysis of the envelope of the main building was made, concluding that the best way to optimize the energy performance and welfare of the workers, is to implement measures related to natural ventilation or free cooling, on which work is currently being done.


In addition, they are currently analyzing alternatives to be able to consume part of their energy demand.

These actions are allowing Fujitsu to be a more efficient company that takes care of the welfare of its workers, and always with the collaboration of our team in Bettergy.

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