Energy Manager

Energy Management is the perfect weapon to improve the competitiveness of your company, to reduce your expenses and improve your balance sheets. This is not a cost, but a savings.

Energy management in an organization becomes an increasingly critical task as energy costs increase and the need to reduce CO2 emissions increases.

In addition, the legislation will require those facilities of a certain size to designate an “energy manager”, who must have among his functions to monitor consumption, carry out energy accounting or develop programs to improve the energy efficiency of the installation, among other tasks.

Carrying out these tasks requires dedication and specific technical knowledge. Many organizations prefer to dedicate their resources to tasks directly related to their main activity, and outsource the functions of energy manager.

The BETTERGY technical team is at your disposal to become the energy manager of your installation. We will monitor your installation remotely and carry out a monitoring of the installation that allows it to meet both its energy efficiency objectives and regulatory commitments.

Our outsourcing service provides you with a specialized technician who is dedicated to PERMANTLY advising you on everything related to the energy management of your installation.

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