Good news! EnergySequence is within the second phase of the EDI.

We recently shared the news of being among the 30 “brightest” companies in BigData in Europe. After the recent Datathon in Berlin, we went from the 16 companies selected by EDI (European Data Incubator) to the next stage of ‘Experimentation’ with our EnergySequence platform.

How does EDI work?

The EDI incubation process is divided into phases. The first phase of Exploration consisted of making a clear definition of the concept of company, receiving training on Big Data technologies and examining the data sets, all before the grand final: the Datathon in Berlin, which was held on the 17th and October 18, where EnergySequence was selected to move to the next phase.

In the second phase of Experimentation, once the innovation proposal has been validated, we will create an MVP (minimum viable product) to launch to the market. The new companies will receive assistance for 4 months (November 2018 to February 2019) and those with the highest market potential will move to the last phase.

The third phase of Evaluation is to build solid partnerships and detect real investment opportunities. Here, companies will attend the main events to promote their products for two months (March to April 2019).

How do we integrate Big Data into the product idea we are presenting?

Identifying Energy Efficiency measures with significant economic savings, in large portfolios of buildings (volume) in real time (speed) and in the vast diversity of equipment or systems of consumption, control parameters, tariff models and conditions of the geographical environment of the facilities ( variability). The 3 V’s in the data associated with the energy we consume and its impact, both in our economy and in the Environment.

Our best tool: The human team.

Able to find value to the data and create differential use cases for our customers. Then come mathematics, statistics, Machine Learning, and programming in Python, among others.

EDIAt Bettergy we are very proud of our team’s effort and the result of moving on to the next stage of the EDI program. Gone are months of work and enthusiasm, the same path we will follow in the coming months to face this exciting challenge. Likewise, we encourage anyone who has concerns about the efficient use of Energy and/or Big Data technologies to join us in this path of achievement.

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