How digitization improves the energy efficiency of buildings.

The sectors of infrastructure and buildings consume up to 70% of the world’s energy. Given the need to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, companies have begun to place sustainable practices at the center of their strategies. Digitization, which provides energy efficiency potentials for buildings of 82% and 79% in infrastructure, can be the key tool that facilitates sustainability. These are some trends in the business landscape, which the technology will help address:

De-linking economic growth from ecological impact

eficiencia energética de los edificios


Planet resources are finite and demand for them continues to accelerate. For this reason, companies must innovate so that their growth does not imply more and more energy expenditure and resources. Technology and digitalization facilitate this sustainable optimization of resources and, at the same time, reduce threats to business continuity.


Improve sustainability reports

Companies with well-planned sustainability strategies, clear initiatives, and reports based on accurate data can improve their scores in the sustainability and environment indexes and programs that exist globally. The IoT will be key, allowing to improve even more the energetic efficiency of the buildings, by providing data in real time and by allowing to monitor and identify these performances in an auditable and traceable way.

The 3 D + E
Digitization, decentralization, decarbonization, and electrification are changing the way we do business. The acquisition and analysis of data are vital to making decisions based on the information.

Technology as a facilitator of sustainability and profitability

The implementation of IoT technologies by companies results in a more efficient use of resources, an improvement in the return and resilience of the business, more security and a minimization of risks.

Companies that reduce energy consumption by 30 or 40% can achieve a 10% reduction in their overall operating costs. Companies from all sectors are already implementing these improvements, highlighting, according to the report, the hotel, manufacturing, and data center sectors.


At Bettergy, in our work as energy managers we develop, EnergySequence, the intelligent web platform for the efficient management of energy, improving the energy efficiency of buildings at a lower cost and in a shorter time, improving current processes, which have a manual, long and expensive approach.

Source: Interempresas

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