How to save energy with analytics in Big Data?

With an advanced data analytics, it is possible to make an estimated calculation of the energy expenditure that is really needed and, the application of the technology allows to increase the efficiency in the use of energy.

Thanks to descriptive analytics it is possible to study, visualize and manage all this information and, as a consequence, consume much more efficiently. On the other hand, with the predictive analytics, a consumption forecast can be made to plan the energy saving.

The Spanish electricity system has been one of the pioneers in which this analysis has been carried out, associated with the implementation of smart meters, which have been a great advance for the identification of energy consumption patterns. They are also the first step towards smart grids.

These meters are capable of quantifying and communicating almost in real time the detailed consumptions to the electricity distributing companies and to the users. Thus, the implementation of smart meters and networks makes it possible to promote the responsible use of energy and reduce the expense of companies and individuals.

Big data is a great ally for distributors because it allows extracting very tight predictions, through the analysis of user consumption data, which helps them to offer a better-personalized service adapted to the real consumption of users.

Big data techniques have many applications and use, and energy efficiency is one of them. Analytics based on Big Data also serves to combat pollution and the greenhouse effect, which are one of the main concerns for governments and the population.

What do we do in Bettergy?

The latest digital trends also converge in the digital strategy of Bettergy, adopting new concepts as fundamental in our time as big data and predictive models, especially when we join leading technologies in the energy sector such as Telemanagement, smart grids and telemetry.

How do we do it?

Through our experienced human team, and our web platform for the intelligent management of energy and energy efficiency, EnergySequence.

Source: Retina

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