In two years, buildings 100% energy self-sufficient will be mandatory

The concept of 100% energy self-sufficient buildings and almost zero energy consumption building, defined and developed in the energy efficiency directives of buildings in 2010 and 2018, will determine the trends of the real estate market throughout Europe.

The new sustainable building

edificios 100% autosuficientes energéticamenteDirective EU 2018/844, on the energy efficiency of buildings, which will end its period of transposition on March 10, 2020, develops the concept of almost zero consumption building as the building of high energy efficiency that the low energy required by the produces in the own building or in the surroundings, preferably with renewable. It is applicable both to the new building and to the one that is rehabilitated, without any distinction.

The potential of energy saving of the building is highlighted if one takes into account that between the most efficient and the least efficient building, savings of up to 80% can be achieved and that the power contracted pays four times more than for the energy actually consumed

Sustainable buildings must, therefore, be 100% energy self-sufficient buildings. 100% of its energy demand must be covered by a combination of energy efficiency, self-consumption with renewables, storage batteries, micro-grids, recharging point for electric vehicles, meters and smart applications that will allow real-time supply and demand to be adjusted in the building itself.

High energy efficiency is the first requirement for the viability of sustainable building and only afterward should self-consumption and intelligent applications be incorporated. The main novelty of the new directive is that it integrates intelligent applications with recharging and electric vehicles in the energy management of the building. The consumer can thus directly manage the energy demand of the building, transport and even participate in the electricity market.

What do we do in Bettergy?

The buildings represent 40% of the final energy consumption and 36% of the harmful emissions to the atmosphere. It is clear that the challenge is to increase energy efficiency in buildings.

Currently, the efficiency of buildings is largely a manual, long and expensive approach. To solve this problem we have developed EnergySequence, to increase energy efficiency in buildings at a lower cost and higher speed.

Source: Energías Renovables.

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