Installation of Charging Points – Atalaya Golf & Country Club Internatinal

The charging points will provide service to all types of electric vehicles of the club’s users, where Tesla chargers have been installed, as well as Wallbox, a brand marketed by Bettergy.
The electric vehicle is a fundamental part of the change in the energy model.
In Spain, transport represents the highest percentage of greenhouse gas emissions within economic activities, according to Deloitte in its report “A decarbonized transport model for Spain 2050”.

On the other hand, the deployment of an infrastructure of charging points for electric vehicles is the key factor for the development of this alternative: the lack of charging points is the main reason for not purchasing an electric vehicle (45%, according to the study Electric Vehicles for Smarter Cities, by the WEF), ahead of technical reasons, lack of knowledge, etc.

For Bettergy, the installation of this type of infrastructure is part of its strategy to change the energy model, as a growth vector for the coming years.

The project carried out for Atalaya Golf & Country Club, in the parking lot built by Sarmiento Construcciones, aims to become a reference in the area, as an integral solution to a growing demand, providing a clear differential to users, customers and partners of this type of facilities.

According to Atalaya Golf & Country Club’s architect, Alfonso Ruiz González, this project “reinforces Atalaya Club’s commitment to sustainable development and CO2 emission-free growth, while offering a differentiated service for our members and clients, who are increasingly becoming users of electric vehicles”.

We have supplied and installed 10 charging points for electric vehicles, with Wallbox technology, and additionally we have installed 2 charging points for the electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla. In a streamlined installation process, the chargers are already operating and have been at the service of users since the end of February.

The total reduction of CO2 emissions is quantified at 430,408 Kg CO2/year.

Likewise, the different administrations are giving significant support to this type of infrastructure, in this particular case the Movalt grant from the Ministry of Energy and Tourism has been processed.

It is estimated that the project will reduce emissions equivalent to 430,408 kg of CO2 per year, which would have been emitted from the use of fossil fuels.

Bettergy continues its work in the development of this type of projects, betting on a complete turnkey integration for its clients, supplying and installing the equipment, providing its experience in energy project engineering, and at the same time managing the different available subsidies. In short, providing an innovative mobility solution for the change of energy model.

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