Law of the Electric Sector: Charging point for electric vehicle.

After the approval of the Royal Decree that seeks to alleviate the increases in the price of electricity and eliminate the figure of the cargo manager, contemplated in the Electricity Sector Law, which obliged any entity that wanted to sell electricity to register with this figure , a regulation that the Government considers “too rigid and discouraging of the activity”.

Punto de cargaThis measure will facilitate the installation of charging points for electric vehicles and “will not, in any case, reduce the safety of the facilities,” the executive assured, since companies must comply with the corresponding regulations in the field of safety industrial and a record of the number of loading points to track the activity will be carried out.


From the Executive ensure that this approval will contribute to achieving the objectives set in the Strategy of Impulse of the vehicle with alternative energies (VEA) in Spain (2014-2020), allowing users to consume a cheaper and less polluting energy.

What do we do in Bettergy?

We have charging points for electric vehicles with the best service for installation. In some cases, we integrate solar marquee projects for the management of the recharge point.

Bettergy offers the Integral Solution for the implementation of the project, considering:

1.Installation as “Turnkey” of the project: Supply, Installation, Start-up, and maintenance:

  • Attractive design for architectural integration in buildings, public locations or street furniture.
  • A diversity of adaptable technical solutions:

-Recharge Time: Fast or Semi-Fast Charge, Reliability, and Control.
-Simultaneous Two-Vehicle Recharging, Load Power Regulation.
-User Identification System, with a Tariff System for individualized consumption.

2. Complete management of the process before the Administration to obtain the incentive through the different subsidy lines at the regional and national levels.

Renewable stations

Why not take advantage of the space needed to install a recharging point and feed it Solar Energy? This is where the idea of a sustainable recharging point for Bettergy was born.

Bettergy offers its customers the installation of charging points powered by solar energy. These are “turnkey” projects, where the client only cares about setting up space for their installation and Bettergy offers a complete installation and advisory service.

Source: Infotaller

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