October 5, 2018, key day to understand the energy transformation.

On this day, RD 15/2018 was announced, approving “Urgent measures for the energy transition and the protection of consumers”.

The main lines of action that concern consumers and companies in the energy sector are the following:

Protection for the small consumer

“Redefinition” of the social bond distinguishing various types of discount (establishing maximum consumption values), elimination of cold-door visits from distributors, suspension of electricity cuts to vulnerable families and creation of the social thermal bond.

Electric self-consumption

RD 900/2015 is modified (where the well-known Sun Tax is regulated) and Law 24/2013 of the electricity sector (where remuneration is regulated for renewable energy installations), so that self-consumption modalities are distinguished without surpluses and with surpluses; In addition, administrative procedures for connection to the network are simplified and any type of charge to self-consumption facilities is eliminated.

This aspect is the most important of all the points of the text since it supposes a support to promote the installation of power generation plants for self-consumption (that is, associated with energy consumers).

In the first place, it allows connecting a generating installation to a low voltage network with several consumers (understood as a network to which they are either directly connected or depend on the same transformation center).

Secondly, all installations below 100 kW are exempt from the registration of electricity production facilities (which do not record self-consumption), and if they are to be without surplus they must only be subject to the Low Voltage Electrotechnical Regulation; On the other hand, the self-consumption register becomes telematic and free access, through the autonomous community.

Thirdly, you do not have to ask for permission to connect for installations of less than 15 kW on urbanized land or without surpluses.

Fourth, the conditions that installed power is lower than the contracted power of the consumer are repealed.

Electric vehicle recharging points

The energy recharge services may be provided by any consumer, and the recharging points must be registered in a list of the Autonomous Communities by electronic means. RD 647/2011 is repealed, eliminating the requirement of cargo manager.

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