Photovoltaic Solar Installation – Calanova Golf Club, Malaga, Spain

Bettergy presents the Club with a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

With this agreement they can achieve an immediate benefit in energy costs without an upfront capital outlay, and that is commercially viable.

The 30kW solar PV solution is implemented to cover the energy needs of the entire complex, maximizing the use of the PV plant.

Bettergy, as an organization committed to savings and renewable energy, finances, designs and manages the implementation of the solar solution.

Calanova Golf Club and Bettergy work together in the logistics and safety of the commissioning to achieve maximum satisfaction of the club’s staff and its customers.

The Photovoltaic Solar Installation has taken into account the criteria of not interfering with players and workers of the club, as well as the aesthetic aspect as a relevant element in the design of the solution.

The Calanova Golf Club will consume 49,500 KWh of renewable energy, similar to the consumption of 16 homes.

It will avoid the emission of 16 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere, equivalent to planting 321 trees each year to reduce these emissions.

The Solar Photovoltaic Installation was completed in less than a week, with praise to the team for their communication with the club’s staff, their professionalism and the aesthetically pleasing result.

In order to track the performance of the installation and its optimal operation, the installation is monitored through the EnergySequence platform

And as a complement to this renewable installation, Bettergy has installed a charging point for electric vehicles, which will allow customers of the Calanova Golf Club to charge their cars while they enjoy playing golf.

Do you want to be an organization committed to sustainability indexes and decarbonization?

Do you want to add value to your brand through your achievements in renewable energies and the environment?

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