Photovoltaic Solar Installation – Real Club Nautico, Puerto de Santa Maria, Puerto de Santa Maria, Spain

At Bettergy, based on our experience in the energy sector, we combine data analysis with the implementation of solutions to save resources and optimize activities, which results in improved results and reputation for our clients.

Therefore, we bring you another Bettergy success story, with the solar photovoltaic installation at the Real Club Náutico Puerto de Santa María.

What has the installation at the Real Club Nautico consisted of?

Real Club NáuticoThe plant will consist of a set of renewable generation elements (the main components photovoltaic modules + inverter) on the fixed structure on the roof that will produce electricity for the own consumption of the facilities of Real Club Náutico Puerto de Santa María.

  • The solution adopted, in its most general parameters, is as follows: Photovoltaic installation with fixed structure.
  • Module Orientation: Southeast Inclination: 30. Total Power: 26.40 kWp.
  • The peak power of the photovoltaic plant is 26.40 kWp, which is achieved with the installation of a total of 80 modules with 330 W of power.
  • The modules used for the study are of polycrystalline silicon technology.
  • The inverters used in the installation will have an equivalent power of 25 kW, considering 1 inverter of 25 kW for grid connection, with a variable input power so that they are able to extract at all times the maximum power that the photovoltaic modules can provide throughout the day.
  • Real Club NáuticoThe photovoltaic field will be installed on the roof of the main building of the Club Náutico.
  • The photovoltaic system will be oriented towards the southeast to make the best use of solar radiation.
  • The proposed structure has excellent strength to withstand any vibration or load, ensuring the integrity of the roof at all times and avoiding perforations in the roof.
  • There will be 80 structure units, as many as there are modules.

What are the benefits for the Real Club Náutico Puerto de Santa María?

This project not only saves on the electricity bill but also achieves other very important objectives that are indicated below:

  • Change in the energy source of the Real Club Nautico towards a renewable, sustainable and environmentally friendly energy.
  • Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere, limiting the carbon footprint of the activity of the Real Club Náutico.
  • Reinforcement of image, with a visible and innovative performance in the region, differentiating itself as a company committed to sustainable development and climate change.
  • It serves to adapt the electricity consumption curve of the Real Club Náutico to the photovoltaic production curve and avoid energy surpluses, which are not used, consuming only its own energy.

What do we do at Bettergy?

Bettergy continues its work in the development of this type of project, solar photovoltaic installation, betting on a complete integration:

turnkey for its customers,
supply and installation of equipment,
provides its expertise in energy project engineering
manages the different subsidies available
In short, we provide an innovative solution in photovoltaic self-consumption for the change of energy model.

If you want a comprehensive advice or need more information, please contact us: or call +34 952 025 789

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