PREE Program: Energy Rehabilitation of Buildings.

It regulates the aid program for energy rehabilitation actions in existing buildings and the direct granting of aid to the Autonomous Communities and the cities of Ceuta and Melilla.

The IDAE, as a result, will coordinate and monitor the aid managed by the Autonomous Communities and Cities that are the final beneficiaries.

The period for submitting applications will be from the date established in the calls for applications until July 31, 2021.

  • Boosting sustainability in building construction.

The Spanish building stock currently consumes 30% of final energy. It has a significant potential for savings and the incorporation of renewable energies.

The objective of the PREE is to boost the sustainability of existing buildings in our country. It will do so through actions ranging from changes in the thermal envelope to the replacement of thermal generation facilities with fossil fuels.

  • Special support for vulnerable groups.

A noteworthy aspect of the PREE is its social scope.

This program pays special attention to the granting of aid to carry out rehabilitation actions. Therefore, the aid will go to buildings that as a result are home to vulnerable groups affected by Energy Poverty.

Likewise, an additional aid will be granted to owners who have been granted the social bonus.

  • The final recipients of the program may be:

-Natural or legal persons of a private or public nature who are owners of existing buildings.

-Owners’ communities or groups of communities of property owners of residential buildings for residential use.

-Owners who in grouped form meet the requirements established in article 396 of the Civil Code.

-Companies operators, lessees or concessionaires of buildings that accredit this condition.

ESESs service companies or energy services providers.

-Local entities and institutional public sector of public administrations.

-Renewable energy communities and citizen energy communities.

-Municipalities, provincial councils and associations or groupings of Spanish municipalities, island councils and the administrations of the autonomous communities or the cities of Ceuta and Melilla.

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