Renewable energy is the key to a climate-safe world

Limiting the increase in global temperature to well below 2 ° C in this century is one of the defining challenges of our era. Two-thirds of greenhouse gas emissions come from energy-related sources. This makes the transition to sustainable energy a decisive factor in dealing with climate change.

Renewable energy, together with energy efficiency, is the cornerstone of the global mitigation strategy. They represent a safe, reliable, affordable and immediate deployment path to a low carbon future that can achieve more than 90% of the energy-related CO2 emissions reductions needed to meet climate objectives. This means that we must use the available solutions to stimulate the systematic transformation towards a digitized, decentralized and decarbonized energy paradigm. In addition to mitigating climate change, this energy transition could also offer long-term economic and social benefits.

Renewable energy is the key to a climate-safe world.

The deployment of renewable technologies can stimulate new economic activities; creating jobs, mitigating abandoned assets and resulting in cleaner and healthier environments. The benefits derived from the transformation of energy significantly outweigh its costs. In economic terms, the cost savings resulting from improved human health, less air pollution and avoided climate damage in 2050 are equivalent to five times the additional investment needed to make the transition. If we were to meet our goals by 2050, almost 40 million people would be directly employed in renewable energy and energy efficiency. And the world economy would enjoy a cumulative GDP gain of $ 52 billion.

Then, renewable energies are the key to a climate-safe world. If we make bold decisions now, a sustainable energy future is within our reach.

What do we do in Bettergy?

Interlocution with public administrations, certification in procedures, follow-up, communication and support in the telematic processing.
Our team has extensive experience in photovoltaic projects in the province of Malaga, in the rest of Andalusia, Spain and internationally.
In addition, thanks to Energysequence technology we are able to define the photovoltaic generation potential of our customers in just minutes, monitor the plant and monitor the savings and financial return of the investment.

Source: IRENA.


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