Renewables will cover 50% of demand in Europe in 2030 and 80% in 2050, according to Schneider Electric.

Renewable energies will cover 50% of demand in Europe by 2030 and at least 80% by 2050, according to the ‘Digital Grid Unleashed‘ study by Schneider Electric.

According to the report, combined solar and wind generation is expected to exceed natural gas production by 2030 and coal by 2035.

Thus, by 2040, around 5% of the world’s electricity will be generated by small-scale photovoltaic (PV) energy and in Europe, it will rise to 9%.

According to Schneider Electric, it is new technologies, regulatory policies and favorable prices that are leading to this scenario, accelerating the development of renewable, clean and low carbon energy sources.

This change is also reflected in the way electrical networks are designed and updated and, for this reason, electricity companies must face this challenge by rethinking their investment strategies in technology and strengthening the relationship with their customers, as ‘partners’, highlights The report.

In addition, it considers that digitization, decentralization, and decarbonization are marking the new global panorama of networks, increasingly complex, multidirectional and sustainable.

Likewise, the report concludes that the key elements for a successful evolution of the business model of the electric companies are, among others, a greater participation of the clients, having information in real time about the Distributed Energy Networks (RED) and the storage of data in the cloud.

The Vice President of Energy of Schneider Electric Iberia, Jesus Manuel Rios, stressed that current trends “are going to radically change the energy networks as we have always known them”.

What do we do in Bettergy?

At Bettergy we are very committed to a change in the current energy model, improving energy efficiency and ultimately improving our planet. We carry out actions such as photovoltaic solar installation, installation of recharging points for electric vehicles … etc.

If you want more information call +34 952 025 789 and ask for the Bettergy commercial team or write to we will be happy to help you.

Source: The Energy Newspaper.

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