Aid management

Different lines of aid are currently open.

One of the most recent is the reopening of the line of incentives for photovoltaic self-consumption projects and other solar installations framed within the Program for Sustainable Energy Development of Andalusia.

These grants, published through the Andalusian Energy Agency, are made up of 30 million euros for new applications and 7.3 million euros for those requests that could not be met due to the exhaustion of funds.

Among them we can also find:


  • Extension of the purchase lines by renting and the maximum price of the vehicles goes from € 40,000 to € 45,000.
  • Increase the network of charging points in such a way that there is more proximity between them and the user of the electric vehicle.
  • Reduction of the fixed price for public recharging, as well as the incentive for recharging linked in the Technical Building Code.
  • To this help is added the benefits that users of electric vehicles if they decide to opt for electric self-consumption, to promote an even more sustainable energy consumption model.


This new plan has a greater incentive effect than the previous one, passing the amount of aid to 70% for the self-employed, individuals and public administrations, increasing to 80% in municipalities with less than 5,000 inhabitants.

PREE plan

This program pays special attention to the granting of aid to carry out rehabilitation activities. Therefore, the aid will go to buildings that as a result host vulnerable groups affected by Energy Poverty.

At Bettergy we help our clients in advising, managing public aid, as well as private financing of energy saving projects.

Energy Efficiency Actions in Agricultural Holdings.

These grants have a budget of 8 million euros and may be applied for as from July 28. The aid will cover up to 30% of the cost of the project, being necessary to obtain a 10% reduction in final energy consumption.

Aid for self-consumption, batteries and renewable air conditioning.

The initial budget is 660 million euros, which can be increased to 1,320 million euros.

This aid will be distributed as follows:

  1. For self-consumption facilities, up to 900 million.
  2. Storage behind the meter, up to 220 million.
  3. Air conditioning with renewable energies, up to 200 million.

These aids join others opened by the Andalusian Agency to promote the development of energy efficiency and renewable energies, and of which Bettergy has processed more than €683,373.64 of granted aids.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact our Commercial Department at or at +34 651 46 87 26

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