Analizamos las necesidades energéticas de nuestros clientes para que puedan dedicarse a su actividad. Ofrecemos soluciones para pequeñas empresas y grandes clientes, para que puedan ahorrar energía, tiempo y dinero. [ + ]


Sustainable Management in Industry You may know your energy, water, waste and communications expenses in your business, but many organizations lack the awareness needed to positively impact those costs. Knowing trends and prioritizing the changes needed is daunting, costly and… [ + ]


Results todays for the Utility of the future Bettergy reactivates the customer-electricity business relationship to create a new energy future. Our demand-side management solutions combine a unique portfolio of services, including sophisticated energy analysis, enhanced customer retention and loyalty, and… [ + ]


We help create prosperous cities A prosperous city is like a healthy body: a complex system of variable elements that need to work in a coordinated way. Bettergy’s intelligent solutions in the field of energy, environmental and noise data management… [ + ]